I didn’t want people to feel pity

Diane Arbus said “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know” I think this body of work documents well.  I think this is a nice way to describe them. ‘Its like opening the curtains in the morning, you know that they are there but until you open them you do not know what the day is like…’

The work by Chris Capozziello documents his brother Nick who is a sufferer of Cerebral palsy. It was covered in the november 2011 feature in British Journal of Photography. The above image was the lead in the story which caught my eye. I thought it looked cool and it made me think of Robert  Mapplethorpe era work when he did the cover for Patti Smith‘s album Horses. It also made me think of the George Michael Album Listen without Prejudice. Nick Comments how he has had the images for some time but didn’t want pity for Nicks struggle. So taking the image on first impression, face value. I question with only the information the image provides why i think its cool. It’s the old chestnut Smoking and the leather jacket. The classic James Dean Rebel Without a cause look.

The second Image again makes you think of Music and long hours sat in the recording studio. When in fact we Know Nick may well be waiting for his pain to pass. The passage with his work talks about his faith. The the cross in the window shows Chris looking for hope and belief to carry on.

I can’t really find to words for this image as i find the pain so graphic in it. I feel I must show these with the questions I have brought with the musical element I saw. This image show of the face that indoors we never see…

The eyes… Chris post operation

Im touched by the plight of Nick Capozziello. I feel the images are justified in that they give normal old me an insight into other people struggle. so beautifully documented

Chris’s work can be seen at www.chriscappy.com

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