Aldi (disused)

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On saturday i went to the disused Aldi Complex in Colwyn Bay After getting in touch with the Manager Graham Bowser. I spent about 1hr in the empty building using what little light was available to me. I got some impressive results. the rest of the images can be seem here

The image where going to be used in my Fallen Grande unit. until  i went to the Gun sight on the Great Orme. I had to work hard to get in the location but im pleased with the results


Creative Features

Due to work commitments I could only attend one day at the Creative Features Event that was put on by the uni. i was really impressed that Glyndwr University had put on this event. To meet people in the industry. I went to the Tuesday. I so a lecture on illustration which was not really relevent. i still found it interesting and constructive with what they had to say about portfolios. Try and make them eye-catching but not complicated to look at. As employers have so many to look it will be just glazed over.

I did find the meeting with Craig Barrett really interesting and inspiring. He was from a company called Mills Media. He talked about what he did in his just. He made the group aware that working on location you had to think on your feet often. here’s a copy of the Reply to the email I sent. After asking him to look at my website. I found his comments constructive and worthwhile.

Hello Alan

Thanks so much for your email and apologies for my slow response. I actually got some time away and I’ve returned to a very heavy work load.
Your kind comments were very welcome. The day for me didn’t go at all to plan. I was brought in to give one-to-one help with students wanting to see me and show me their work. I was not expecting to sit in front of 30 students and give a talk! As a result I was very concerned that the students didn’t get much from the time, hence my thanks for your email.

I have had a look around your site too. Some really nice stuff emerging there. If I can be brutally honest I feel you are probably still developing your own style or signature. Maybe looking for something that fits. That is not a criticism. I just remember being in a similar situation with my own personal work, technically good, able to mimic, but struggling with making it truly my own. To be honest I still don’t think I’m there yet! Not sure I ever will…The most important thing is to keep trying. Personally I think that your black & white abstract building details are your strongest work and what struck me immediately was that if you combined your ability to see those abstract scenes with your band location work I think you are on to something. You might think I’m way off and if so I apologise, these are very much my personal thoughts, just thoughts from a third-party perspective.

Again, really good to hear from you and I thank you again for your time to email me and for attending the session.

Kind Regards

Craig Barrett
Video Production

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In summer last year i took pictures at the Welsh Liberal democrats Autumn Conference . I took pictures of Conwy Valley Councilor Mike Priestly With Nick Clegg. I was pleased to find the images have been used in his promotion in the up coming election



VFM Scooter Meet, Llandudno

This is as near as i will get to Quadrophenia. ‘We are the mods we are the mods’

Here are the images of the previous mentioned photo shoot which i under took in Llandudno. I found the day an enjoyable event. In the morning i was trying to capture what was going as this is what i was asked to by Organizer Ian Granger. It was really difficult not to get carried away and remember I had a job to do as i was in my eliminate taking pictures of the bikes and the people. I was there for a good three hours and took a variation of images.

I was asked to return for the evening. As there was a live band playing. i had to catch some of the Characters as well at the event. The lighting in the venue was not great but i think i did it justice. I was really confident at the end of the event in approaching random people i liked the look of. im sending the pictures to Ian on tuesday


Scoter Rally , Llandudno

I have approached to the organizer of the event to see if i could take photos. I have spoken to Iggy a few times now. The event is coming up this weekend so i have asked him is there anything he would want pictures of  specifically. It should be a good challenge as Llandudno will be packed as it is also the weekend of the extravaganza in the town. So keeping people out of the shots could be difficult. I hoping to get some real strong colours and some reportage of the event. I think there will be some interesting characters.


Hammerfest II

I got in Contact with A Agency about taking photos at Hammerfest II. I was successful these are images i took

This is a copy of my laminate

Im covered in Bees

Councils work together Found a good article on the b.b.c website about the councils of north Wales working together to recycle. I wonder will this impact on the facility on the Wrexham industrial estate. Which only works for the Wrexham area which I think is a waste.

I’m getting more and more disgruntled with this project. Apart from my blog I still don’t have a clue what is expected of me. Every lecture attended seems to be about design. As much as I find them interesting. I don’t see the connection with creative lens media