• A man in jacket holding a white paper. there is a caravan in the background. he is standing on wet tarmac. there is an oranfe rugby shirt in the front of the shot
  • A large factory with repertion of covered machines on the left and skylights in the celing. to the right are full, large lifting bags
  • A concret staircase in a car park. There are banisters going up and down the stairs. There is a sign that says 'Stairs levels 1 & 2'
  • A british rd that is unfinshed coming in from the left. It is placed on top of slate. there is a hill to the right with scrub and slate on it in black and white
  • 10 images looking up at the castle walls. Lay out on the floor of the castle. iN the background are castle walls. There two people on a path and two people on a slate circle in the front of the shot
  • A disused bare brick building. Brick walls to the left and right of image. On the floor are multiple images glued to the floor from around Llandudno
  • Small orange car, With a guitar player in the back of a van. There are pink hues influancing the mood. The are 3 circles with a projection of a man on top of 3 cars
  • A man in a blue sparkly jacket. With gold glitter curtain behind. He has short hair and is wearing glasses. In his right hand he is holding a house brick. In the front of thimage is a traditional bingo machine