A Short film of memories and dreams

I manged to get into my old junior school before it was knocked down. In the short film there is footage from the production we did of ‘Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat’. Looking back this was a massive effort from the community. While musicals not been something im interested in this feet stillContinue reading “A Short film of memories and dreams”

I just Left Her There…

Again more adventures into moving image. I like this it has a real dirty feel to it. It makes me feel like the journey back from something that may have regretted doing. I think the music rumbles along really well with it. As ever let me know what you think, feel, dislike… Oe3uieB-6u8 <iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Oe3uieB-6u8&#8243;Continue reading “I just Left Her There…”

Will it Change your View

Adding Photography to music is something that really interests me. I was approached by Joel Cockrill to work on a project with my images to his music. I think the music changes the feel of work. What do you think? The work is from three bodies of work. The now demolished car park from Get Carter in Gateshead called Trinity Square.Continue reading “Will it Change your View”

A Short Film: The scapegoat

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg9QyEXQbXc This was my first attempt at a short film. I ve not watched it since I completed it. I rather Happy with the results looking back for a first attempt  

Smoke and Mirrors 11pm 10th March

This was a strange one for me that I have still not got my head around I think the title is very apt. We met David Southwood, he reminded me of David Brent from the office. The company work lots on adverts this is their main thing. They do a lot with Sainsburys and visionContinue reading “Smoke and Mirrors 11pm 10th March”