Photos with Trader

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I was asked to work with band trader from Wrexham. I have worked with them in the past. The brief for these set of images was they wanted something outdoor. Also they wanted something derelict. I think that i have worked with them before creates a interesting process and rapour that only time can build up with a band.


Im covered in Bees

Councils work together Found a good article on the b.b.c website about the councils of north Wales working together to recycle. I wonder will this impact on the facility on the Wrexham industrial estate. Which only works for the Wrexham area which I think is a waste.

I’m getting more and more disgruntled with this project. Apart from my blog I still don’t have a clue what is expected of me. Every lecture attended seems to be about design. As much as I find them interesting. I don’t see the connection with creative lens media