Llandudno Welcomes You


Llandudno welcomes you’ as the sign says reaching the brow to he hill at Penrynside. Always sticks in my mind. Such an iconic sign for the area, hence its recent renovation. However when all the glitz and pomp post extravaganza ad summer merriment. Clandudno becomes a cold lonely place until march. In simple terms we still go about our ways just with more parking spaces. The contestant for me is the sea. It’s always here, always different! The Horizon line never changes. Always when i look out to see it makes me think of Mark Rothko. it cuts you in half


Rd. East (Alan Whitfield)

Rd. East


A testing time.

I know this road so well.

I hope the man does?

A ridge of snow make the centre line.


So far from home.

Yet I know the tarmac,

Like the ridges on my hands.

Voices that frequently turned to laughs.


A sign glows.

Trespassers will be prosecuted.

It should have read,

Family’s to be divided.


Wind skims the waves.

Loch so vast.

Again I’m by water,

Contemplating my past.


Trying to Photograph the Wind…

I don’t like the wind it really freaks my out. I once remember a storm as a kid that created some crazy vacuum and blow the bedroom window open as I slept

During one of my many fight’s with the mass boardem that ravages my brain. I thought it would be a good idea to go out in Mochdre and photograph the wind. I wanted to keep the natural as shot feel the images have to show the conditions I was out in. I am however more than Pleased that I got the wind…

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