Helfa Gelf

HG_RD&AW_A5.inddHelfa Gelf is almost upon us. This is my maiden voyage into an event i have supported for a long time. I feel as I have grown as an artist Helfa Gelf, each year has cultivated me into new sprouts of direction and appreciation. I have covered all the counties the event covers Denbighshire, Flintshire, Conwy and Gwynedd seeing many skills and disciplines. So with all this in mind I feel its my duty to deliver something different over the 4 Saturdays I will doing. This gave me the great opportunity to work alongside Ronan Devlin in collaborative venture ‘One Year On’. His knowledge and guidance have been a necessity to me. Its been 1 year since we met Via chance email through Ffoto Alternative (it seems a lot longer) We have decided to show work over the past year which approached from different angles but links between both our practices is uncanny. This culminates in us producing a series of screen prints which is a new practice to us both. Anyway enough of this I don’t want to spoil the surprise. If your taking part good luck! If not come along and see us…


A Sinister Side To Public Art

A Poem by Alan Whitfield

A Sinister Side To Public Art

From Helkyn I saw brilliance
to the outermost edge
a full-bodied blue like honey
road lines like a cobra
supplementing your passing
beneath the over pass
at hand, waving

Why am I here,
post haste I approach,
like a supermarket bar code.

The honey blue circumduct
to vile, ultra, violet-purple.
Fragmenting perspicuity
passed scoffed soulless funding.
Internal soul sapping sculptures.


Andy Warhol Youth Service Project


I have an up coming project with the Youth Service. I have been asked would it be possible to make Andy Warhol type image for wall to brighten the club up. I need to provide a list of equipment of which they have a grant for by 16/9/10. In the list i will be requesting

I was asked would i be able to create the wanted effect. I come up with this idea as homage to Andy Warhol


Tweet a day: the work of Ian Teh

http://www.panos.co.uk/bin/panos2.dll/go?a=disp&t=gl-loader.html&_storyState=1&_tlid=2&groupid=13&galleryid=1147&glbid=1653&si=9E846FD6CBAC4F8A908751AE39193C&rnd=4536.48   Capturing something on earth that looks so unnatural must be a special. it evokes various thoughts for me of what I see.  It is actually a estuary in china heavily polluted. Maybe this the answer to where all used battery’s from this country go to. It has aspects of an oil paintings. i like the way it drags your eye from bottom left to right. This adds to the unease of the viewer. The scale of the images make me think Edward Burtynsky work

Edward Burtynsky
Edward Burtynsky (Photo credit: rocor)

Giacomo Brunelli, Photofusion , Brixton march 2010





This was only a small exhibition at photofusion in Brixton of about 15 prints of Giacomo Brunelli but it was such Excellent  quality. What he had created was a variation of street photography. The work reminded me of William Klien. It had a real surreal twist to it. The objects in the picture where animals but the shots where not staged. It was a real gem well worth the visit.


eye of newt
eye of newt (Photo credit: Seán Venn)