A poem about leaving. Last Call For Whitfield

3 1/2 hours on train in 25 degrees builds a certain momentum to leave. Add this with the deadline of a departing flight to catch. In the time on the train from Milazzo to Palermo the only entertainment was a rather large bee that was flying up and down the carriage. If i could have vignetted the corners of my field of vision it would have been a seen from a classic european film. Everyone was watching this bee with a look of ‘don’t come near me’. It could have run a mock on the packed train. It also got me thinking that when it went backwards down the carriage does that class as time travel?

Last Call For Whitfield

On time,
Mount settle breath.

Sound makes sense,
but I don’t understand.
Round beads form,
Fall like the words.

Moving fast,
Time dam slow!
How long can it last.
Where to look.

And I’m sick of the sea,
straight blue line beauty,
Following me home,
Crashing harrowing free.

A dog sleeps alone.
The platform grown.
Drunk man ego.


I arrive,
Get me out,
To be free…

Alan in Sicily Day#2



Still sat under the same tree strangely it’s called a word press tree 😉

Settled in well yesterday even if i had phone my data roaming on for a bit 😦

Chatted lots with Allie she is an artist from chicago she cool although my dull sit Widnesian tones confuse sometimes.

Actually sat in the sun yesterday which was novel for me. I ve got a watch now so i must get a tan.

Recreated a clash song today ‘i got lost in supermarket’ even Allie said it was bigger than anything she had seen in the states. Then the fun began. I got to the till with the apples i had bought. I didn’t realise you had put your own code on from a register. So pulling that dum english face we have all pulled due to losing it in translation the kind lady swiftly behind me in the que whisked my apples off to bar code them for me. Scusi 🙂

We went to the village restaurant last night. It was great even if the manager of the gaff did come over and shake my hand. He tried to get me to pay for all the bill 🙂

Found this for my dad. Peroni beer


Henry Moore and other galleries in London March 2010

West Wind by Henry Moore
West Wind by Henry Moore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well where to start? a very interesting few days. I think the trip to molinare stands out the most for me. I think they really made the group feel at ease. The little bag they gave us was a nice touch. He was very proactive in getting us to ask questions. I didn’t feel unwanted or we was taking too much of his time. I feel i left with a clear understanding of what they did.

I found Frame store to be a very positive experience. If not a little rushed. It was interesting to see how the group had a mixed review of the visit with half for and half against. It seemed really to push towards with getting the best of the talent kind of pre interview. Very corporate you could tell it was a well-oiled multinational company. I would be interested in trying for the internship I will chase them up.

If ever a company had the perfect name, it was smoke and mirrors. I have still not made my mind up about this place. The person that took us round was strange; I thought he seemed uneasy with it all. Maybe he wasn’t use to taking groups around although he was totally thorough in his talk. He seemed to be very prominent in the use of miya something i know nothing about.

The work in the photographer’s gallery of the maze really pricked my conscience. It was some of the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen. I thought it was poignant an end of an era. It was done in such a beautiful way. It made me think of Paul Grahams work but taking it in a very different direction. The run down building, the slight change in the repetition of each cell. A real-time peace document.

I think Irvine Penn and Henry Moore where both things I was glad I had made the effort to go and check out. Although both where not really in my discipline. I will go and see anything once maybe even twice.

The trip out to Brixton at photofusion was the hidden gem for me a top class little independent gallery. It was a beautiful space with great images in to. Always worth a trip there.

I feel I have gained a lot of confidence out of trip to London. Although im not sure I could the move down there. Maybe that is just me selling myself short. The fact i am going to carry on with my short film project is from the comment of the director of London to Brighton. Of just do it so i will and see what happens.