Photos With Kixxstart Kitty

I recently was approached by Zack Storm lead singer of Kixxstart Kitty. They needed some images for group shots of the band. Also for promotional flyers of the band. I’ve worked with Zack before he likes to get involved with the process of locations and ideas this is nice as it builds up a strong relationship. We wanted theContinue reading “Photos With Kixxstart Kitty”

Tweet Image of the day: Cabby Dave (London) Follow the above link to see all the images from Cabby Dave. The images are taken in and around London in the Barbican Area. They have a real sense of honesty. If unknowing of dates of the images they could be from any time period. Even more so with the black and white images.Continue reading “Tweet Image of the day: Cabby Dave (London)”

Irving Penn, The National Portrait Gallery 2010

  Irving Penn is a name I haven’t really heard of but I understand his positioning in the portrait world. I was impressed with his retrospective body of work at the national portrait gallery. He definitely had a style of his own. What I was trying to show in my sketches of the work wasContinue reading “Irving Penn, The National Portrait Gallery 2010”