Photography Tweet of the day: Simon Roberts Simon Roberts is the for me the new Genius on the block of british Photography. He works the scale of John Davis yet his pictures have the cunning of Martin Parr. Off the back of his successful Be We English. Roberts landed the job of Documenting the British General  Election. The picture here show Nigel Farage( theContinue reading “Photography Tweet of the day: Simon Roberts”

Tweet of the day: David Levene

Well well…. Behind the painted smile LIES a harrowed ex leader. I’m sure this doesn’t fit in with spinster Tony Blair Labour Pr machine. This image looks more like the face he pulls when the news comes on at night with more cataclysmic colonial ideology. The harsh light of the studio on the fore headContinue reading “Tweet of the day: David Levene”

A Tweet a day: Philip Townsend The Rolling Stones 1964 taken by Phillip Townsend. I think for a promo shot that this is pretty ground braking. its a angle that is very ahead of it time. When images in general view of the public. where sticklers to the rule of thirds and how the image should be view. It fits in with the image of the RollingContinue reading “A Tweet a day: Philip Townsend”

Tweet of the Day: Jaroslav Rossler Some great examples of photomontage early origins in The former Czechoslovakia. It was a part of the constructivism movement started by Alexander Rodchenko. From what I interpritate it was under the slogan of “art for art’s sake“. I see this as doing it because you can rather a real direction. Sort of making the image work. TheContinue reading “Tweet of the Day: Jaroslav Rossler”


In summer last year i took pictures at the Welsh Liberal democrats Autumn Conference . I took pictures of Conwy Valley Councilor Mike Priestly With Nick Clegg. I was pleased to find the images have been used in his promotion in the up coming election Conference