A Tweet A Day: on the road by Sam Mallish

http://www.sammellishphotography.co.uk/ontheroad/index.html Oh why do i love stuff like this so much… A lovely set of images from photographer Sam Mellish. This is a new name to me. There is a nod to Paul Graham in the work. This in no way takes from the fresh originality of the images. I found the selection gave me a warmContinue reading “A Tweet A Day: on the road by Sam Mallish”

Was John Szarkowski the most influential person in 20th-century photography?

Was John Szarkowski the most influential person in 20th-century photography? http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2010/jul/20/john-szarkowski-photography-moma I found this article on the guardian website by Sean o’ Hagen. The comments where very interesting about pre John Szarkowski there was no photography in new york. For me i see it as a personal mecca for imaging. to think that he found the next generation of masters Diane Arbus,Continue reading “Was John Szarkowski the most influential person in 20th-century photography?”

A Tweet A Day: August Newsmaker Q&A: Zoe Strauss visits the Gulf

http://blogs.artinfo.com/modernartnotes/2010/08/august-newsmaker-qa-zoe-strauss-visits-the-gulf/ Out of all the images in the Q&a Session. This in my opinion was the strongest. The texas gold black of the overall image is striking. This is as near as the general public will get to feel what life has been like of the coast of America. The metaphor of the sign saying Impacted ByContinue reading “A Tweet A Day: August Newsmaker Q&A: Zoe Strauss visits the Gulf”

A tweet a day: Trent Parke Works 1996-2010

http://events.magnumphotos.com/exhibition/trent-parke-works-1996-2010?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed:+MagnumPhotosEvents+(Magnum+Photos+Events)&utm_content=Twitter made me think of the images you see of elephants under water. Water is a great leveler once in its control we are all equal. The fact that the girl is holding her breath and her nose is online with the leg. Which as an elephant would use to breath under water. I would maybe thinkContinue reading “A tweet a day: Trent Parke Works 1996-2010”

Great Article by Sean O,hagen Writing and photography – is a picture really worth a thousand words?

Here is an article by Sean o’ hagen of the guardian. He sights the work of Henri Cartier Bresson, William Eggleston, Steven Shore and Robert adams. I found the article to be very reforming of how i work. I find it very difficult to explain what i like in my photographs and how i takeContinue reading “Great Article by Sean O,hagen Writing and photography – is a picture really worth a thousand words?”

Irving Penn, The National Portrait Gallery 2010

  Irving Penn is a name I haven’t really heard of but I understand his positioning in the portrait world. I was impressed with his retrospective body of work at the national portrait gallery. He definitely had a style of his own. What I was trying to show in my sketches of the work wasContinue reading “Irving Penn, The National Portrait Gallery 2010”

Giacomo Brunelli, Photofusion , Brixton march 2010

        This was only a small exhibition at photofusion in Brixton of about 15 prints of Giacomo Brunelli but it was such Excellent  quality. What he had created was a variation of street photography. The work reminded me of William Klien. It had a real surreal twist to it. The objects in the picture where animalsContinue reading “Giacomo Brunelli, Photofusion , Brixton march 2010”

Deutsche Borse photography prize 2010 The Photographers Gallery

As ever always an excellent trip to photographers gallery. This time it was the very prestigious Deutsche Borse Prize. The winners Where Anna Fox, Zoe Leonard, Sophie Ristelhueber and Donovan Wylie. Anna Fox took contemporary portraiture in an outdoor environment. They where interesting but not really my thing. Sophie Ristelhueber took images of various areasContinue reading “Deutsche Borse photography prize 2010 The Photographers Gallery”