‘Risk’ Sale Waterside Arts Centre

  Early in the year I applied to be part of a project at Sale Arts Centre through Arts Council England. On selection the course ran over spring/summer. It was structured around artistic talks from established artist Len Grant and Mishka Henner, group discussion and planning for the show. We decided as group to callContinue reading “‘Risk’ Sale Waterside Arts Centre”

Using John Szarkowski Photographers Eye Theory

I recently read John Szarokowski’s 1964 book The Photographers Eye. This was produced to cover M.O.M.A first critically acclaimed photography exhibition, in the book he cover the topics which he sees are the 5 basic principles of a photograph. They are The Thing Itself The Detail The Frame Time Vantage Point THE THING ITSELF This is my Cat MillieContinue reading “Using John Szarkowski Photographers Eye Theory”

The right in capture! Believing is seeing: What lies behind some iconic photos?

BBC News – Believing is seeing: What lies behind some iconic photos?. Please watch the above If, when, where, what… All the many things we ask about an image. Is Photographer drive for social or economic change, a moment of chance, to show an experience. I don’t disagree in the essence of the skull been moved as it was atContinue reading “The right in capture! Believing is seeing: What lies behind some iconic photos?”

Chewing gum, Pigeons, cigarette butt…

Your Last Breath #5 Chewing gum, Pigeons, cigarette butt…  

William Eggleston Article

http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2010/nov/05/william-eggleston-democratic-camera-review A good article on what i would probably say is one of my favorite photographers. The article discus how america has changed in the 50 years of his work. I think the thing with america im fast learning is the british see it as san francisco new york the white house and the Jay Leno show.Continue reading “William Eggleston Article”

How i fell for Andre Kertesz, while leaving a Paris Behind…

Striking while the irons hot is not always great in the long run. Did paris Fail or did i Fail Paris? Judge for yourself! Paris Photo 2010 at this moment in time feels like The Clash Signing to Capitol Records. Did they or did they not sell out. Am i more wiser to the whole corporateContinue reading “How i fell for Andre Kertesz, while leaving a Paris Behind…”

Tweet of the day: Bruce Davidson

I’ve done a picture of Bruce Davidson‘s work before. I thought it was time we had a new one… It’s a great article Heres a tezzer so you will read it ” NEW YORK — “I’m like Zsa Zsa Gabor,’’ Bruce Davidson says. “I’m famous, but no one knows for what.’’  click the link to read more I likeContinue reading “Tweet of the day: Bruce Davidson”

London Gallery visit 13/9/10 (updated)

On Monday 13/9/10, I take the Welsh Dragon Express to the big smoke to see some galleries. At this moment im going to Sally Mann at the photographer’s gallery. Edward Maybridge at Tate Britain. Im also going to Tate Modern to see Exposed. I’m sure we will find some other things to visit 14/9/10 First of all iContinue reading “London Gallery visit 13/9/10 (updated)”

Bruce Davidson Article in the New York Times 8/9/10

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/12/t-magazine/12talk-davidson-t.html?pagewanted=1&_r=3 A great interview with Bruce Davidson from the New York TImes. He talks about how he made himself invisible with the gangs he worked with in 1959. There is always that ghostly factor about his image that he is almost not present. Apart for the fraction of a second click exposing the film to light. I liked the part of the articleContinue reading “Bruce Davidson Article in the New York Times 8/9/10”

Tweet of the day: Elliott Erwitt

Elliot Erwitt The thinking mans Martin Parr… The picture shows two people in a Catacomb. The the people look mid twenties and of Eastern European descent. The look totally perplexed by the setting. You can almost hear the “its over if you are going to be like that”. The corpse to the right of the mans head is in exactly theContinue reading “Tweet of the day: Elliott Erwitt”