Documenting a Lambing Event for the National Trust at Erddig

I was approached by Lucy Jones in the Careers centre to undertake a short project documenting Lambing Season in In the property on the Farm at erddig. I really wanted to do a strong documentary peace in the short time scale. Hopefully the image i have taken show this. The images are to be projected in the reception to get people to walk over to the farm. The projector did not work on the sat so i had to display them on a laptop

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So after getting in touch with Lucy Jones we had varoius email conversations shown below

Would you like to get involved with this fantastic opportunity to get involved with The  National trust and Sontley farm..


This is great opportunity for you to improve your CV, develop a project, build contacts and networks, improve existing skills, share skills, make new friends. Get out in the fresh air, witness nature first hand, be part of a team. Volunteer in beautiful surroundings, have their work seen by the public and so much more!

In the first instance the farm and the National Trust will require someone to take photos of the day’s events as they unfold. This will include photos of the lambing, the public interaction, the surroundings and capture the whole feel and excitement of the event.

Then you will need to get the photos down to Erddig house to be uploaded onto a computer which will then be projected  for the visitors to enjoy.

It’s up to you how the day can be documented, I’ve highlighted a few in the below flyer!

Don’t delay get in touch with Lucy

Hi Alan

Have a look at this link

This is the event that is happening at Erddig.

This  the brief we have been given.

Erddig Lambing Weekends


This year for the first time Erddig is collaborating with one of its onsite working farms to allow visitors to attend the farm and see the live lambing that takes place every year.

Visitors that arrive at Erddig will buy their ticket to attend the farm. They can then choose to take a 10 minute walk to the farm along a footpath or pay extra to have a carriage ride to the farm. When at the farm, visitors will be able to see ewes giving birth, bottle feed the lambs, watch the cattle being fed and milked, take part in children’s craft activities, see and touch the other animals that make up the farm such as piglets, ducklings and chicks.

The idea of the lambing weekends is to show people what farming really involves, get across the idea of ‘Field to Fork’ and give people of all ages the opportunity to have a hands on experience of a farm in action. There are four dates: – 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th. The farm will be available from 10 – 4pm.

We would like involvement from Glyndwr University in order to put in a live link between the farm and the main hall. The idea of this link is to show people what is going on at the farm to try and entice them to visit. This link could be via video, photography e.t.c. The more creative the better! Preparation will need to take place prior to the event and in conjunction with the staff team at Erddig.

We have discussed with them that this live link might be a slide show of still images on a loop due to the time constraints.

Calon FM have been involved and are putting out a show on Wednesday about the event but we need some photos.

I will give you a call shortly to see what you think.

Hi Alan

Thank you for your enthusiasm for this project.

I hope you get the kind of experience and career development opportunity that you are hoping for at Erddig on Saturday.

The contact at Erddig is… I have left her a message to let her know that you are going along to Erddig on Saturday.

So that I can pay you some travel expenses please register your details with GO Wales.

Any problems give me a shout my mobile is

Kind regards

I have spoke to…. I will be meeting her at 9am tomorrow
Alan Whitfield


Henry Moore and other galleries in London March 2010

West Wind by Henry Moore
West Wind by Henry Moore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well where to start? a very interesting few days. I think the trip to molinare stands out the most for me. I think they really made the group feel at ease. The little bag they gave us was a nice touch. He was very proactive in getting us to ask questions. I didn’t feel unwanted or we was taking too much of his time. I feel i left with a clear understanding of what they did.

I found Frame store to be a very positive experience. If not a little rushed. It was interesting to see how the group had a mixed review of the visit with half for and half against. It seemed really to push towards with getting the best of the talent kind of pre interview. Very corporate you could tell it was a well-oiled multinational company. I would be interested in trying for the internship I will chase them up.

If ever a company had the perfect name, it was smoke and mirrors. I have still not made my mind up about this place. The person that took us round was strange; I thought he seemed uneasy with it all. Maybe he wasn’t use to taking groups around although he was totally thorough in his talk. He seemed to be very prominent in the use of miya something i know nothing about.

The work in the photographer’s gallery of the maze really pricked my conscience. It was some of the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen. I thought it was poignant an end of an era. It was done in such a beautiful way. It made me think of Paul Grahams work but taking it in a very different direction. The run down building, the slight change in the repetition of each cell. A real-time peace document.

I think Irvine Penn and Henry Moore where both things I was glad I had made the effort to go and check out. Although both where not really in my discipline. I will go and see anything once maybe even twice.

The trip out to Brixton at photofusion was the hidden gem for me a top class little independent gallery. It was a beautiful space with great images in to. Always worth a trip there.

I feel I have gained a lot of confidence out of trip to London. Although im not sure I could the move down there. Maybe that is just me selling myself short. The fact i am going to carry on with my short film project is from the comment of the director of London to Brighton. Of just do it so i will and see what happens.