My Past, My future

Somethings are like red wine stains, they are difficult to remove with time get faint but will always last. You can add formulas to remove them. This is my formula! Cleaning mess of some guys trade. Right place wrong face. Scrap heap imprint stupidity, please give me some validity.   Closure of the grinding, miniContinue reading “My Past, My future”

Inside Abbey Rd

Father Christmas sent me to London to go around Abbey Rd studios. The never opened space where so many beautiful things have happened from Shirley Bassey The Hollies to Pink Floyd. its kind of weird to describe the space. You have to go in it to get it. if i said when they played the various songs in theContinue reading “Inside Abbey Rd”

The more I travel in my mind the speed of light hinders my ride. A distance, a goal, a trolley, the chink of heat coated paint I guard my inner soul. Trying to hinder my why’s. It was only a trolley id have picked a mix to make the thoroughfare curve re-coding the distance ofContinue reading

Apart from musical youth….

The first thing I can ever remember hearing is the Beatles. Now maybe as a small child I thought this was a small bunch of creatures who for fear of being stud on went round to people saying love me do. As time went by this was not the case and a beauty developed toContinue reading “Apart from musical youth….”

Sound Comfort

I know this normally a photography blog. Maybe (today) a state of mind blog. I’ve thought a lot about Gary Speed over the past few days. I sure many of us have.I remember the first time I felt alone. I was in the south of France on a Rugby tour aged just 12. If why how I went IContinue reading “Sound Comfort”

Creative Features Lectures 2011

This month saw the start of the creative futures talks. having only found out it was on the night before on Facebook at 9.30pm was somewhat disappointing. The first lecture in our guide to entrepreneurship was by a lady called Trisha Jones. She was a ceramics and made mosaics. I guess she was inspiring to some people once youContinue reading “Creative Features Lectures 2011”

Photo Shoot with Inferno

I was approached by rock band Inferno ) check out there sounds here) who play out of Holyhead, Anglesey, North Wales. To under take a series of photos in the disused Anglesey Aluminum plant. This was an offer i could not refuse to get into the plant and take images of a excellent up and coming band. They wanted me to work toContinue reading “Photo Shoot with Inferno”

Photos with Trader

I was asked to work with band trader from Wrexham. I have worked with them in the past. The brief for these set of images was they wanted something outdoor. Also they wanted something derelict. I think that i have worked with them before creates a interesting process and rapour that only time can build up with aContinue reading “Photos with Trader”

The Welsh Pinc Ffloyd Live 11/9/10

Heres my recent work The Welsh Pinc Ffloyd at their recent gig at the Wrexham Memorial Hall. They need image for their website. So it was essential that i got images of each band member close up. As well as shots of the band playing together.