Photo Shoot with Inferno

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I was approached by rock band Inferno ) check out there sounds here) who play out of Holyhead, AngleseyNorth Wales. To under take a series of photos in the disused Anglesey Aluminum plant. This was an offer i could not refuse to get into the plant and take images of a excellent up and coming band. They wanted me to work to the brief of it looking industrial with a focus on the electrical objects in the plant. My image was used for the promotion of the new album.


Photo Tweet of the day: Reuters

I found this picture from the Reuters agency. It’s the classic image you need to see a few times before you get what it its. Is it an advert for a new Drive concerting company. Is it that bull ring shopping centre in Birmingham.

No sadly its none of the above. The image is a stream in Louisiana USA. A tributary to the river which runs to the sea. Where the B.P oil Slick is. Sadly it may not be headlines news any more. As the people feared once the cameras had gone this would be all that’s left. It is yet to be proved if the oil caused this. I see it to be hard not to!