A Short film of memories and dreams

I manged to get into my old junior school before it was knocked down. In the short film there is footage from the production we did of ‘Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat’. Looking back this was a massive effort from the community. While musicals not been something im interested in this feet still makes me smile. Please enjoy The last days of school

The first step to making a picture that last’s forever on 11/11/11

Many questions are asked in the search for why we photograph, Steven Shore ,Robert Adams, Diane Arbus to name a few. I want to look at Roland Barthes thought process in Camera Lucida “A specific Photograph, in effect, is never distinguished from its referent (from what it represents)”  The use of the prop (the clock) changes the  feel of the image and how we engage it. Barthes also talks about it being a mathematical impossibility to recreate an image twice.

Following on from yesterdays comments about the truth in an image. I was asked to photograph myself at the 11.11.11@11:11:11 as part of a project. In this image my clock is the cattle skull (please see http://wp.me/pNIdU-jY). This images gives us many answers to the why. All be it not the best image taken we see it was taken for the Binary date. So bar name (me) and location (Mochdre) we has a lot a justification for the capture of this image: date, time, moon cycle & weather A time capsule for that second never to be captured again


Photo Shoot with Inferno

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I was approached by rock band Inferno ) check out there sounds here) who play out of Holyhead, AngleseyNorth Wales. To under take a series of photos in the disused Anglesey Aluminum plant. This was an offer i could not refuse to get into the plant and take images of a excellent up and coming band. They wanted me to work to the brief of it looking industrial with a focus on the electrical objects in the plant. My image was used for the promotion of the new album.


Photo tweet of the day: Adam Lau


Taken from baston.com

Not a sport that i have ever paid much attention to. However there are some really good quality images int the set. Adam Lau is a photojournalist from Los Angeles in the u.s.a http://www.adamlauphoto.com/ the image has such a freedom the look of concentration in the girls eyes is a contrast to the mayhem of the waves. The shallow depth of field give the image even more impact. The blurry pier in the distance give the magnitude of the waves and creates scale


A Tweet a day: Philip Townsend


Philip Townsend: The Swinging Sixties

The Rolling Stones 1964 taken by Phillip Townsend. I think for a promo shot that this is pretty ground braking. its a angle that is very ahead of it time. When images in general view of the public. where sticklers to the rule of thirds and how the image should be view. It fits in with the image of the Rolling Stones constantly challenging the image and conceived view of how a band should act. The picture which there eyes are shut makes the band look lazy and loutish for the time. A truly beautiful image…

Tweet of the day: the assassination of robert f kennedy


The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

A great piece of photo journalism from Boris Yaro. This is a total right place at the right time. the space almost feels you are looking into a canyon at the face of the dying Robert F Kennedy. The light shining on the side of the face creates a biblical syntax of departure. You can see the white of his left eye in the shot. Making you connect with deteriorating condition of the situation.

Really like the fact the L.A times gives you all the facts of the shot. Kodak Tri-x film was standard at the time in that field. Creating its infamous yet beautiful grain. I am however surprised that it was taken at 1/30th of a second. however i guess it will have been done with a flash. I can’t imagine there was much time to set up the shot.