Alan in Sicily Day #7

Well i did it Top night My work here is done… Ciao Related articles Alan in Sicily Day#5 ( Alan in Sicily Day#6 ( Alan in Sicily Day #1 ( Alan in Sicily day #3 ( Alan in Sicily Day#4 ( Alan in Sicily Day#2 (  

Alan in Sicily Day#6

Well yesterday day was about getting image and posters ready for the exhibition i have got 16 pil boxes a good effort for 1 week. I have 6 prints of Great Orme gun sight. I did a time lapse projection but i cant seem to upload it šŸ˜¦ I did have good projecting this overContinue reading “Alan in Sicily Day#6”

Alan in Sicily Day#5

Busy day yesterday above and below are pictures of where I will be putting on my exhibition on friday night of photos and projection This gallery in milazzo castle will take some beating. I went to the library its was very different to england it was almost like a museum I didn’t see the newContinue reading “Alan in Sicily Day#5”

Alan in Sicily day #3

Morning Seems to be cool and overcast today. Its difficult carrying all your stuff around in the heat of the day but provides some good results Found some new pil boxes yesterday which was great 3 new as well. I projected pictures of the Great Orme on the side of the barn last night inContinue reading “Alan in Sicily day #3”

Alan in Sicily Day#2

Ottimo! Still sat under the same tree strangely it’s called a word press tree šŸ˜‰ Settled in well yesterday even if i had phone my data roaming on for a bit šŸ˜¦ Chatted lots with Allie she is an artist from chicago she cool although my dull sitĀ Widnesian tones confuse sometimes. Actually sat in theContinue reading “Alan in Sicily Day#2”

Alan in Sicily Day #1

Well I made it. There was times were I thought I cant do this there was so many things against me. But in true rebranded Alan style I did not give up. I’m sat here under lets call it a tree swing tree as my italian tree knowledge needs polishing up on. Yesterday went prettyContinue reading “Alan in Sicily Day #1”

Built on firm foundations images

          As I have previously mentioned I went to the quarry in North Wales. this was one of theĀ themesĀ I was thinking about while I was up there. the building look over 100 years old. it’s at the end of a track at the back of Llanfafirfechan but actually entrance to theContinue reading “Built on firm foundations images”

In the blinc

Well what a Weekend. Dogged by technical problems due to the power timers in the lights. I had a good response to the poems in the Bird Boxes along the cob leading you into Conwy and my projection on the castle. Thousands of people headed to Conwy, North Wales over the Three day blinc digitalContinue reading “In the blinc”

Scoter Rally , Llandudno I haveĀ approachedĀ to theĀ organizerĀ of the event to see if i could take photos. I have spoken to Iggy a few times now. The event is coming up this weekend so i have asked him is there anything he would want pictures of Ā specifically. It should be a goodĀ challengeĀ as Llandudno will be packed as it isContinue reading “Scoter Rally , Llandudno”