I am not a leper,

nor was I ever.

I did sign on once though.

Just a means to adhere.

 I wanted to improve me,

bad chances went my way.

I was told a different name

not dole of handouts fame.

Mentally I moved on?

My scars aren’t glued on.

A blue frown rigid,

juxtaposing your deep cuts.

Austerity and Caviar

Daimler Bankers Peers

off shore accounts

no fears…


Promotional work For Film Company


I have been approached by Chris Perkins (Manager) of WE’dFilmYou.Ltd. He works out of Rhos on Sea with his successful business venture. The Approach is in the early stages yet with Mr Perkins having a few rough ideas of what he requires. This is what i have taken from my first meeting with him.

  • Corporate promotional Images
  • Flayers
  • Location work
  • Advertising


Here is a selection of Promotional work taken out for the client Chris Perkins

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