A Short film of memories and dreams

I manged to get into my old junior school before it was knocked down. In the short film there is footage from the production we did of ‘Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat’. Looking back this was a massive effort from the community. While musicals not been something im interested in this feet stillContinue reading “A Short film of memories and dreams”

Creative Features Lectures 2011

This month saw the start of the creative futures talks. having only found out it was on the night before on Facebook at 9.30pm was somewhat disappointing. The first lecture in our guide to entrepreneurship was by a lady called Trisha Jones. She was a ceramics and made mosaics. I guess she was inspiring to some people once youContinue reading “Creative Features Lectures 2011”

WIll Work For Free

I had to put this article on by John Harrington. I’ve done it and ticked most of these boxes aswell http://rising.blackstar.com/photographers-excuses.html Ninety percent of small businesses fail within the first two years. With few exceptions, working for free is the fastest way for freelance photographers to become part of this 90 percent. Here are aContinue reading “WIll Work For Free”

All Extra work is added here

I would hate people to miss out on all the extra projects i undertake with passion for photography. You can View my work http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/shadowplay.images I use Facebook as a networking tool. I have gained lots of work from this site