I am not a leper,

nor was I ever.

I did sign on once though.

Just a means to adhere.

 I wanted to improve me,

bad chances went my way.

I was told a different name

not dole of handouts fame.

Mentally I moved on?

My scars aren’t glued on.

A blue frown rigid,

juxtaposing your deep cuts.

Austerity and Caviar

Daimler Bankers Peers

off shore accounts

no fears…





Lethargic to say  the least

with an outlook not good

as breeze picks up

gray zips to blue.

Arrays of jack marked smiles

across the baked asphalt

the orange dinosaur trill.

Steam snarls from every valve

The significant bearing of brick yards

tales and technique

passed back on forth.

Up onboard

sat on Welsh gold

steam coal dust a shower

the aging sturdy stalwarts

repetitive rumble

the beast builds power.

Wind swept and sun bleached

the dismounted group

folk-lore explored

welling up now a man

as a child he often rowed…

Applause rings out

the day must close.