A tweet a day: Edward Burtynsky

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/photography/7935163/Burtynsky-Polidori-and-Kander.html?image=2 The marvel of Edward Burtynsky. He works off the theme of creating landscapes of what we humans have created on our planet. Which generally seems to be destruction and infiltration of our land. He never comments on what his message is of the images he captures. I can see the beauty in them but i feel he is trying to make peopleContinue reading “A tweet a day: Edward Burtynsky”

Tweet a day: the work of Ian Teh

http://www.panos.co.uk/bin/panos2.dll/go?a=disp&t=gl-loader.html&_storyState=1&_tlid=2&groupid=13&galleryid=1147&glbid=1653&si=9E846FD6CBAC4F8A908751AE39193C&rnd=4536.48   Capturing something on earth that looks so unnatural must be a special. it evokes various thoughts for me of what I see.  It is actually a estuary in china heavily polluted. Maybe this the answer to where all used battery’s from this country go to. It has aspects of an oil paintings. i like the way it drags your eyeContinue reading “Tweet a day: the work of Ian Teh”