A photo tweet a day: Nadav Kander

I wont lie anyone who knows me knows why i picked this image. Its the same structure design as the Runcorn Bridge in widnes where im from. Kander‘s work documents the length of the Yangtze in china or the long River as it also know by locals. it is a phenomenal commitment to create a body ofContinue reading “A photo tweet a day: Nadav Kander”

Tweet a day: the work of Ian Teh

http://www.panos.co.uk/bin/panos2.dll/go?a=disp&t=gl-loader.html&_storyState=1&_tlid=2&groupid=13&galleryid=1147&glbid=1653&si=9E846FD6CBAC4F8A908751AE39193C&rnd=4536.48   Capturing something on earth that looks so unnatural must be a special. it evokes various thoughts for me of what I see.  It is actually a estuary in china heavily polluted. Maybe this the answer to where all used battery’s from this country go to. It has aspects of an oil paintings. i like the way it drags your eyeContinue reading “Tweet a day: the work of Ian Teh”