A Short film of memories and dreams

I manged to get into my old junior school before it was knocked down. In the short film there is footage from the production we did of ‘Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat’. Looking back this was a massive effort from the community. While musicals not been something im interested in this feet stillContinue reading “A Short film of memories and dreams”

My Past, My future

Somethings are like red wine stains, they are difficult to remove with time get faint but will always last. You can add formulas to remove them. This is my formula! Cleaning mess of some guys trade. Right place wrong face. Scrap heap imprint stupidity, please give me some validity. ¬† Closure of the grinding, miniContinue reading “My Past, My future”

A poem about leaving. Last Call For Whitfield

3 1/2 hours on train in 25 degrees builds a certain momentum to leave. Add this with the deadline of a departing flight to catch. In the time on the train from Milazzo to Palermo the only entertainment was a rather large bee that was flying up and down the carriage. If i could haveContinue reading “A poem about leaving. Last Call For Whitfield”

Alan in Sicily Day#2

Ottimo! Still sat under the same tree strangely it’s called a word press tree ūüėČ Settled in well yesterday even if i had phone my data roaming on for a bit ūüė¶ Chatted lots with Allie she is an artist from chicago she cool although my dull sit¬†Widnesian tones confuse sometimes. Actually sat in theContinue reading “Alan in Sicily Day#2”

A Room With A Pugh…

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the artist¬†Tim Pugh over the last few months. Always intrigued and captured by meticulous patterns he works with. I took the opportunity to capture his tools of his craft in work in progress. So seeing the burst of light come through the window I had to captureContinue reading “A Room With A Pugh…”

The more I travel in my mind the speed of light hinders my ride. A distance, a goal, a trolley, the chink of heat coated paint I guard my inner soul. Trying to hinder my why’s. It was only a trolley id have picked a mix to make the thoroughfare curve re-coding the distance ofContinue reading

I just Left Her There…

Again more adventures into moving image. I like this it has a real dirty feel to it. It makes me feel like the journey back from something that may have¬†regretted¬†doing. I think the music rumbles along really well with it. As ever let me know what you think, feel, dislike… Oe3uieB-6u8 <iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Oe3uieB-6u8&#8243;Continue reading “I just Left Her There…”

Two points… Photography by Alan Whitfield

I keep my eye wide open all the time because your mine I walk the line as Johnny Cash once sang. From the start of my photography I have always liked my eyes to be pulled into a picture. The visual split second Journey. Where will it take you?  

Tube, Lines and Tranquility

http://www.londonphotonow.com/ Photography by Mark Paulda Tube;¬†a¬†hollow,¬†usually¬†cylindrical¬†body¬†of¬†metal,¬†glass,¬†rubber,¬†or¬†other¬†material,¬†used¬†especially¬†for¬†conveying ¬†or¬†contains¬†liquid¬†or¬†gases. The 1863 the first tube¬†opened¬†in London, the District and circle line. Now it runs like an artery¬†through length and¬†breadth¬†of London. The above¬†Dictionary¬†description describes it well ‘conveying¬†or¬†containing¬†liquids or Gases‘ A smell and special dirt all of it own and a heating system all of it own. Artists have oftenContinue reading “Tube, Lines and Tranquility”

Chewing gum, Pigeons, cigarette butt…

Your Last Breath #5 Chewing gum, Pigeons,¬†cigarette¬†butt…  

Grid iron

Having spent many year looking up in built up areas. I’ve now decided to look down. Welcome to Grid iron… I’m trying to capture the craftsmanship in the metal vents and grills on builds  

Reclaimed land

Reclaimed Land The¬†pinnacle… follow the lights and you will find the gold. A Severn wind rattles the soul, rain like pins my¬†face a cushion. Edifice a vision, wooden windows a fact, a collection of faces glued in¬†community, Now¬†divided¬†again by scheme funded¬†foolery. To escape is to renounce only with¬†strength¬†from¬†intrinsicality. As thrust upon pages turn, A dyeingContinue reading “Reclaimed land”