A poem about leaving. Last Call For Whitfield

3 1/2 hours on train in 25 degrees builds a certain momentum to leave. Add this with the deadline of a departing flight to catch. In the time on the train from Milazzo to Palermo the only entertainment was a rather large bee that was flying up and down the carriage. If i could haveContinue reading “A poem about leaving. Last Call For Whitfield”

Alan in Sicily Day#2

Ottimo! Still sat under the same tree strangely it’s called a word press tree ūüėČ Settled in well yesterday even if i had phone my data roaming on for a bit ūüė¶ Chatted lots with Allie she is an artist from chicago she cool although my dull sit¬†Widnesian tones confuse sometimes. Actually sat in theContinue reading “Alan in Sicily Day#2”

Tweet of the Day: Thomas Dworzak

This image was taken in the war zone of Chechnya. It was taken by Thomas Dworzak a member of Magnum Photography. There is a¬†¬†punctum¬†to the image you do¬†look¬†twice. On seeing the Holes which are bullet holes¬†you start to question the image more. Obviously the women are shading the sun from their eyes. However it makesContinue reading “Tweet of the Day: Thomas Dworzak”

Creative Features

Due to work commitments I could only attend one day at the Creative Features Event that was put on by the uni. i was really impressed that Glyndwr University had put on this event. To meet people in the industry. I went to the Tuesday. I so a lecture on illustration which was not reallyContinue reading “Creative Features”