Where is Hereford, got to see John Bulmer…

On Wednesday I go via my favorite form of public Transport (the Train) to Hereford. Now other than cows and a late goal by Ronnie Radford in the 1972 FA Cup at Home to Newcastle. I know little of the place. I have missed The Hereford Photographic exhibition over the past few years as IContinue reading “Where is Hereford, got to see John Bulmer…”

The right in capture! Believing is seeing: What lies behind some iconic photos?

BBC News – Believing is seeing: What lies behind some iconic photos?. Please watch the above If, when, where, what… All the many things we ask about an image. Is Photographer drive for social or economic change, a moment of chance, to show an experience. I don’t disagree in the essence of the skull been moved as it was atContinue reading “The right in capture! Believing is seeing: What lies behind some iconic photos?”

Filling My Empty Spaces!

Onward we Stride… If you wasnt excited you will be after reading this Well the process was almost complete after nearly 6 months. I was drawing in for the kill the final selection of images. This project has taken me on a journey to many places In North Wales and Cheshire. The ideas of theContinue reading “Filling My Empty Spaces!”

Joel Meyerovitz Talk at Darby Format 2011

I went to Format festival In Darby. This will be the last Space I will visit as it must be full steam ahead with my Exhibition. I went to Format two years ago. The Main Reason was to see a talk by Joel Meyerovitz  the American street  photographer I knew that this would be good to Continue reading “Joel Meyerovitz Talk at Darby Format 2011”

William Eggleston: The wonder of hue

http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2010/nov/05/william-eggleston-democratic-camera-review A good article on what i would probably say is one of my favorite photographers. The article discus how america has changed in the 50 years of his work. I think the thing with america im fast learning is the british see it as san francisco new york the white house and the Jay Leno show.Continue reading “William Eggleston: The wonder of hue”

Tweet of the day: Elliott Erwitt

Elliot Erwitt The thinking mans Martin Parr… The picture shows two people in a Catacomb. The the people look mid twenties and of Eastern European descent. The look totally perplexed by the setting. You can almost hear the “its over if you are going to be like that”. The corpse to the right of the mans head is in exactly theContinue reading “Tweet of the day: Elliott Erwitt”

Brighton Biennial 2010

16/8/2010 http://www.bpb.org.uk/ I have decided to down to Brighton to see the exhibition that is being Curated by one of heroes Martin parr. I’m planning on going down after the first week induction to Uni. Sadly i will miss the start on the 2nd Oct. I’m hoping to see the work of Steven Gill, Alec SouthContinue reading “Brighton Biennial 2010”

A Tweet A Day: Martin Parr

http://events.magnumphotos.com/exhibition/praise-leisure?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed:+MagnumPhotosEvents+(Magnum+Photos+Events)&utm_content=Twitter This is a picture of Martin Parr‘s work that will be in the Brighton Biennial. Parr has become the king of the hard-hitting juxtaposition. For all the elegance of this image it still looks tacky. Do you feel the women is single is she waiting for her man. The lady in an evening dress wearing a sports watch. TheContinue reading “A Tweet A Day: Martin Parr”