Llandudno Welcomes You


Llandudno welcomes you’ as the sign says reaching the brow to he hill at Penrynside. Always sticks in my mind. Such an iconic sign for the area, hence its recent renovation. However when all the glitz and pomp post extravaganza ad summer merriment. Clandudno becomes a cold lonely place until march. In simple terms we still go about our ways just with more parking spaces. The contestant for me is the sea. It’s always here, always different! The Horizon line never changes. Always when i look out to see it makes me think of Mark Rothko. it cuts you in half


Bruce Davidson Article in the New York Times 8/9/10


A great interview with Bruce Davidson from the New York TImes. He talks about how he made himself invisible with the gangs he worked with in 1959. There is always that ghostly factor about his image that he is almost not present. Apart for the fraction of a second click exposing the film to light. I liked the part of the article where he talks about Ansel Adams and John Sexton. Are master of landscapes because that is where they are from. They know nothing else. The likes of Davidson himself grow up on the streets of new york. MAking them more approachable to the darker side of the city and how to act. The above image captures that calm in a fraction of second that could descend into a number of things