Giacomo Brunelli, Photofusion , Brixton march 2010

        This was only a small exhibition at photofusion in Brixton of about 15 prints of Giacomo Brunelli but it was such Excellent  quality. What he had created was a variation of street photography. The work reminded me of William Klien. It had a real surreal twist to it. The objects in the picture where animalsContinue reading “Giacomo Brunelli, Photofusion , Brixton march 2010”

Deutsche Borse photography prize 2010 The Photographers Gallery

As ever always an excellent trip to photographers gallery. This time it was the very prestigious Deutsche Borse Prize. The winners Where Anna Fox, Zoe Leonard, Sophie Ristelhueber and Donovan Wylie. Anna Fox took contemporary portraiture in an outdoor environment. They where interesting but not really my thing. Sophie Ristelhueber took images of various areasContinue reading “Deutsche Borse photography prize 2010 The Photographers Gallery”

Framestore 4pm 8th march 2010

    We was met in foyer by this This was the Oscar they won for the Golden Compass. That’s a impressive way to walk in to a building. We met up with Ben Owen it took us down stairs to show us a show real of what Framestore produced. They have worked on theContinue reading “Framestore 4pm 8th march 2010”

Molinare 4pm 8th March 2010

  Everyone headed the warning and arrived early for our first appointment at Molinare. I think myself like the rest of the group was nervous on going into the first company. We met Mike McMahon who was a former student at Glyndwr University several years ago. He was very friendly and went round the groupContinue reading “Molinare 4pm 8th March 2010”

All Extra work is added here

I would hate people to miss out on all the extra projects i undertake with passion for photography. You can View my work!/shadowplay.images I use Facebook as a networking tool. I have gained lots of work from this site  

Aldi (disused)

On saturday i went to the disused Aldi Complex in Colwyn Bay After getting in touch with the Manager Graham Bowser. I spent about 1hr in the empty building using what little light was available to me. I got some impressive results. the rest of the images can be seem here The image where going to be usedContinue reading “Aldi (disused)”

Creative Features

Due to work commitments I could only attend one day at the Creative Features Event that was put on by the uni. i was really impressed that Glyndwr University had put on this event. To meet people in the industry. I went to the Tuesday. I so a lecture on illustration which was not reallyContinue reading “Creative Features”


In summer last year i took pictures at the Welsh Liberal democrats Autumn Conference . I took pictures of Conwy Valley Councilor Mike Priestly With Nick Clegg. I was pleased to find the images have been used in his promotion in the up coming election Conference  

VFM Scooter Meet, Llandudno This is as near as i will get to Quadrophenia. ‘We are the mods we are the mods’ Here are the images of the previous mentioned photo shoot which i under took in Llandudno. I found the day an enjoyable event. In the morning i was trying to capture what was going as this is what iContinue reading “VFM Scooter Meet, Llandudno”

Scoter Rally , Llandudno I have approached to the organizer of the event to see if i could take photos. I have spoken to Iggy a few times now. The event is coming up this weekend so i have asked him is there anything he would want pictures of  specifically. It should be a good challenge as Llandudno will be packed as it isContinue reading “Scoter Rally , Llandudno”

Im covered in Bees

Councils work together Found a good article on the b.b.c website about the councils of north Wales working together to recycle. I wonder will this impact on the facility on the Wrexham industrial estate. Which only works for the Wrexham area which I think is a waste. I’m getting more and more disgruntled with thisContinue reading “Im covered in Bees”