Long time no blog

Well what can i say. I’m really down at the moment. Struggling with self motivation. I think it’s the fact im pushing myself with this new short film idea im going with in uni. I guess I will just have to see what happens.

not really thought anymore about this Wrexham in Bloom. I feel the negativity from my group has influenced me. I to feel like a spare part. Thais just been added to tick a unit box. I guess things will change.

I ve had loads of work on with the O.C.N 4 im doing for my youth work as well which is a downer but it must be done.

Not really sure if I can see the tunnel at the minute let alone the light in it…



Wrexham Battrey Blues

post 3

Theres a song in that somewhere. I’m still struggling to get my head around this brief. Maybe i feel intimidated by the Graphic Design/illustration students. Maybe this is a sign I need to work with them or even interact. What does strike my mind is haw hard it is to read the leaflets. I’m dyslexic so its like looking at a visual migraine. I also think it could be good in cost way to use image to create a syntax thus not having to translate between english and Welsh. I’m a massive fan of typography however substituting this with color could be advantages. I guess the visit to the re-cycling place could shed light on the subject.