Feeling good

Above is a recent pice of work that i have done for a friends 3oth. I’m really pleased with it as its scanned off HP5 film. it also fit in with the Wrexham in bloom brief. As im getting text to work with images. aswell as it look realistic.

I had a few brain waves since my last post and im starting to feel positive about my work (i think). I’ve chosen to do the film direction which i think is brave but considered. So watch this space. I feel by this im really pushing myself which often brings the best out in me.



Long time no blog

Well what can i say. I’m really down at the moment. Struggling with self motivation. I think it’s the fact im pushing myself with this new short film idea im going with in uni. I guess I will just have to see what happens.

not really thought anymore about this Wrexham in Bloom. I feel the negativity from my group has influenced me. I to feel like a spare part. Thais just been added to tick a unit box. I guess things will change.

I ve had loads of work on with the O.C.N 4 im doing for my youth work as well which is a downer but it must be done.

Not really sure if I can see the tunnel at the minute let alone the light in it…



Feeding Robin at National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire. Taken of the BBC webpage. I like the way that the light has caught the wing structure of the bird. It really captures how fragile and delicate the little things are. Shame the guy didn’t clean his nails…


Wrexham Battrey Blues

post 3

Theres a song in that somewhere. I’m still struggling to get my head around this brief. Maybe i feel intimidated by the Graphic Design/illustration students. Maybe this is a sign I need to work with them or even interact. What does strike my mind is haw hard it is to read the leaflets. I’m dyslexic so its like looking at a visual migraine. I also think it could be good in cost way to use image to create a syntax thus not having to translate between english and Welsh. I’m a massive fan of typography however substituting this with color could be advantages. I guess the visit to the re-cycling place could shed light on the subject.


Wrexham recylcle

Post 1

I got told today in my first personal development lecture. I had to start a blog on WordPress. This is a strange concept to me. Do i know any bloggers one or two. So knowing myself well i guess i now must be the third. We had a lady come from Wrexham Council recycling Branch in charge of LEQ (Local enviroment Quality) She seemed nervous but keen to get involved with what the students offered. She did try to dodge a few tasty to the point questions in true council style. I think once the creases are ironed out this will be a brilliant project. Her delivery style was interesting to see the least. At this moment in time im not sure what is expected of me other than to start a blog and produce a finished project to promote recycling in the Wrexham area. Oh well it is only the first day not like me to be panicking already…


Hello world!

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