In summer last year i took pictures at the Welsh Liberal democrats Autumn Conference . I took pictures of Conwy Valley Councilor Mike Priestly With Nick Clegg. I was pleased to find the images have been used in his promotion in the up coming election




VFM Scooter Meet, Llandudno

This is as near as i will get to Quadrophenia. ‘We are the mods we are the mods’

Here are the images of the previous mentioned photo shoot which i under took in Llandudno. I found the day an enjoyable event. In the morning i was trying to capture what was going as this is what i was asked to by Organizer Ian Granger. It was really difficult not to get carried away and remember I had a job to do as i was in my eliminate taking pictures of the bikes and the people. I was there for a good three hours and took a variation of images.

I was asked to return for the evening. As there was a live band playing. i had to catch some of the Characters as well at the event. The lighting in the venue was not great but i think i did it justice. I was really confident at the end of the event in approaching random people i liked the look of. im sending the pictures to Ian on tuesday


Scoter Rally , Llandudno

I have approached to the organizer of the event to see if i could take photos. I have spoken to Iggy a few times now. The event is coming up this weekend so i have asked him is there anything he would want pictures of  specifically. It should be a good challenge as Llandudno will be packed as it is also the weekend of the extravaganza in the town. So keeping people out of the shots could be difficult. I hoping to get some real strong colours and some reportage of the event. I think there will be some interesting characters.


Hammerfest II

I got in Contact with A Agency about taking photos at Hammerfest II. I was successful these are images i took

This is a copy of my laminate

Stuart & Rebecca’s Wedding, Cowley, Chelthenham

I have been asked to do the photography at the wedding of Stuart Mather and Rebecca Sutter. The wedding is taking place in  Cowley Hall Near Cheltenham. It’s the same place that Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow got married. Stuart is the producer of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. So there will be some high brow people present. These shots were taken on a trip down to the location to see what the place was like and the lighting. I was really pleased to be asked to do the wedding as im sure Stuart has access to many photographers


Feeling good

Above is a recent pice of work that i have done for a friends 3oth. I’m really pleased with it as its scanned off HP5 film. it also fit in with the Wrexham in bloom brief. As im getting text to work with images. aswell as it look realistic.

I had a few brain waves since my last post and im starting to feel positive about my work (i think). I’ve chosen to do the film direction which i think is brave but considered. So watch this space. I feel by this im really pushing myself which often brings the best out in me.