The Return

So here we are…

I feel like I have been away for a long time, life and stuff like that! I have been working away in the background on a few projects. I would like to thank Conwy Creadigol for providing funding to do my workshops with the Fabulous mentor Ceri Hand. We realised early on that my website was definitely the best starting point to get sorted over the six sessions.

So in the background I’ve been trying to get access to the power station that my dad worked at. My story goes back before lockdown, going through MPs and electricity companies to speak to a guy that actually knew of my dad and worked there when he was there. Permission granted as the picture above shows. I had a tour around (I didn’t take any photos other than this). And then it went cold they would let me have access due to urban explorers. The rejection was strong on a project that means a lot to me. But if it’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s resilience and I will not stop and tell the 10 count is over. This was a 18 months ago now.

Yesterday I made a connection. I’m waiting for a call back in this connection. I almost think that even if it doesn’t come out in the wash for me to get back in the power station I’ve done everything possible to make it happen. Never give up and what you believe in

I’ll keep you posted

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