“Poetry Bingo” Llawn03, Ty Pawb and Made in Roath…

For Llawn03 (2016) as part of Haus Of Helfa, “Poetry Bingo” for the first time. Three games of bingo performed in the same place that the old turns of ‘The Rafa Club’ took place. I recreated a working man’s club environment to play the game. Poetry randomly placed in a heated game of bingo for real prizes The game was interrupted with sight-specific poetry. I got to tour “Poetry Bingo” across Wales two years later supported by ACW. The spinning balls where called in Ty Pawb and then down to The Roath Park Pub in Roath, Cardiff for Made In Roath festival. Not forgetting a fantastic Call of a few games in Mecca Bingo, Wrecsam with the support of Ty Pawb

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