Getting Laid(off) Up North; Words By Alan Whitfield80

I went to what is left of Dolgarrog aluminium works. It’s now a brown field site with one White Wall left standing…

Getting Laid(off) Up North

Valley wind dried the damp and cold.

Exterior wall white and bold.

Standing to attention,

as the 170 leave shattered but united.

Imagine a brick for each story told,

apprentice’s to Forman,

young, lazy and old.

Installed Indian shores the press still chatters.

The forgotten village,

unemployment community tatters.

the wall came first,

and still stands last.

For whom the productive past matter’s?

I can see it now…

home rang the bell,

down to the local,

gags and plans,

union rep delivers,

the mood shatters!

Closing a locker for the last time.

As the page 3 brakes a frown,

coffee mug at ease,

canvas bag to shoulder,

last latch of the gate.

He passes the same white wall,

now unemployed and brow furrowed.



Author: alanwhitfield80

Hello! I get about a bit so here about me first. I am a visual artist and poet who works within the context of fine art. My work is grounded in documentary, exploring the inner beauty of everyday life through various lens based media. Notions of nostalgia and social commentary are present, but from a definite northern working class perspective. Instinctively I exploring the townscapes of North Wales and the North West, often producing work that reflects the every day minutiae of life.

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