Larry Burrows, Photo Essay, Vietnam

Yankee Pappa Gunner

Yankee Pappa Gunner (Photo credit: floralcide)

Larry burrows! Well what can be said

The English born Mavrick of the photo essay documenting style for me was the greatest. Im not sure if its the color that adds to work even more. Photographers like Tim Page also shot in color but not to the standard of Larry Burrows. He went to Vietnam as a pro war hawk and soon started documenting the unfolding disaster. The shots of Yankee papa 13 and its helicopter machine gunman i am sure is an influcance on the scene in Full metal Jacket that shows the wired jock gunman shooting inocent people in the fields. I can only try to understand how it must have felt to be out there from the images. However the jounrney from bravado to adrenaline to death that burrows shows makes the viwer feel close to the action. 

The recent pleasure i gained from viewing the Tim Hetherington book inferdel spark a massive resemblance to Burrows work. Both lost tragically early in career but that sence of empathy and honesty that they show the Batallinons is unique. The Frontline is were wars are fought. sadly we still cover this up with spin and public guilt and there unataineable sacrifice of the soliders greatest asset life…

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