Outside of Goldfish Bowl Poem by AlanWhitfield

It shows a distorted view of a goldfish in a g...
It shows a distorted view of a goldfish in a goldfish bowl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is about going to Australia boy and coming back of a man


What does that mean!
I planned the landing,
James sang.


That light took me back.
Walking to get out,
Miles in sun,
Ha, if I had a gun…


Never worked out what I had done!
The small print said fun.
You never really won
The Irish women was fun.


Calculated and out done.
You won yet to no-one.
Long gone…




Author: alanwhitfield80

Hello! I get about a bit so here about me first. I am a visual artist and poet who works within the context of fine art. My work is grounded in documentary, exploring the inner beauty of everyday life through various lens based media. Notions of nostalgia and social commentary are present, but from a definite northern working class perspective. Instinctively I exploring the townscapes of North Wales and the North West, often producing work that reflects the every day minutiae of life.

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