A poem by Alan Whitfield; Moon (Neil Armstong)

Neil Armstrong in an Gemini G-2C training suit...
Neil Armstrong in an Gemini G-2C training suit. Note: This is not a “pre”-gemini spacesuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Im not really into space and all that stuff. I was like the millions of you out there gutted to hear about Neil Armstrong‘s death. Such a brave human being. I thought this poem would be fitting for the great man


Moon (Photo credit: penguinbush)


Moon (Neil Armstrong)


Today I saw the moon


first time since you oft this room


as my mind took off


in my atmosphere


a thought turned to a tear


strapped to metal


bar war you must no fear


that technical time bomb


pulled you from the ground


thrust at millions of pounds


a week gone by I’m sure the moon


shines brighter in the sky


you may or not fixed what you shot


in my heart in know the place


where x marked the spot




Author: alanwhitfield80

Hello! I get about a bit so here about me first. I am a visual artist and poet who works within the context of fine art. My work is grounded in documentary, exploring the inner beauty of everyday life through various lens based media. Notions of nostalgia and social commentary are present, but from a definite northern working class perspective. Instinctively I exploring the townscapes of North Wales and the North West, often producing work that reflects the every day minutiae of life.

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