Apart from musical youth….

The first thing I can ever remember hearing is the Beatles. Now maybe as a small child I thought this was a small bunch of creatures who for fear of being stud on went round to people saying love me do. As time went by this was not the case and a beauty developed to which I feel is almost weight training for the ears. Know im not really sure where I’m going with this but I feel I most evoke my love the feelings for the band. I shall try to chronograph my thought process… weight

The first song I can remember is Love me do. Which would not be the first song I’d play to someone if I was trying to convert them. However it’s simple and as 3-year-old I was not in search of the perfect middle eight. That didn’t come along till I was 4 1/2. Know with the Beatles and Beatles for sale have some tunes on but I would struggle to reveille all the song on them. I guess down to the quick output of the first 3 albums in just under 2 1/2 years. We had a tape box set of the all the albums. No remaster here just c90’s

There is a bit of a void till my teen years with the album been stuck in the generic crest of a wave of listening. However the covers really caught my eyes. The flats/office on the Please Please Me cover was possibly the first iconic thought-provoking album cover. I have always loved the brown of suits or rubber soul. This come to me today when I saw loads of lp’s in hmv. They are trying to re-promote. You just don’t understand what an album cover means from a cd. Also the standard of most album artwork is power know. As a kid I would try to almost stir the cover out I spent so long looking at them. That abbey rd one is not a bad effort either.

In the late 90’s my second to the core love Oasis came along banging the Beatles drum louder than ever. I think what this prompted me to do more than anything was listen to the concept of a full album. So the like of Sgt. peppers took on a new level. However  this would push me to scrutinise the sounds of Abbey Rd and Revolver which I would say are my favourite albums.

Paul Weller sang you do something to me this the Beatles can do at times cutting me half and leave me a quivering mess on the floor. John Lennon forget what he did for me in later years his vocal on snags like you really got a hold on me, in my life, money, boy and across the universe just tear me apart every time. And once become channeled well we know what happens. I have a love hate relationship with Paul. His cash cow songs really bug me he hit on a music by numbers and for me induced the decline of the band at the peak of their creativity. Mr Moonlight is Paul at his best the open howl runs the mystical chord of hard days night for opening. Paul was one of the first people I admit to seeing live after the shadows and the bloody spinners. I got dragged to that and I was not well. Anyway back to the chase. I don’t remember much from the many gigs I have been to I do remember Paul playing fool on the hill and been hydro locally raised into the air while singing then spinning round. A biographical song maybe? Having just wrote all this I have realised Its John not Paul that nails mr moonlight. Paul’s bass playing makes up for any aspersions I cast his way. More of that in a bit

Know that other bloke that played guitar George Harrison I missed the boat completely. Until moving to Wales in my mid 20’s did I have my George eureka moment. I can tell you when it was December 2006. A low point I took a driving job it was grim. This tune made decide there was more to life than shovelling some else’s muck. I was driving out of Nevin in North Wales and here comes the sun came on the Steve Wright show. It brought a tear to my eye as a sun beam ripped thought the Gary late afternoon sky. I don’t think I have heard anyone play as gentle as George does on some songs. So sweet I think it took people time to cotton on with the 70’s been his time to prosper.

I don’t like Ringo always been a Peter Best man myself. I will give him with a little help from my friends though only because of the fade from the opening song.

To be continued…


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