Evening with John Davies

23 November 2010, 6.30pm

Speaker: John Davies

“John Davies is one of today’s most outstanding British photographers; he became famous through his research on the English industrial landscape, observed in vast and detailed views…”

“John Davies’s work belongs to the world of contemporary documentary photography. Faithful to a refined, pure black and white, taken on as the absolute rule of a subtle, analytic style. He chooses the vastness of space inhabited by the powerful elements of nature and the contradictory ones of culture to operate in two directions. On the one hand, the evocation of emotional states through the photographic rendering of a space-light that is alive, almost metaphysical, and recalls the symbolisation of the forces of nature in Turner. On the other, a crystal-clear gaze that sounds the material aspects of the contemporary landscape which is tied to the development of the productive activities and concrete structuring of the world through the molding power of economy and property.”

Quote from Roberta Valtorta in 2000

John will be talking about his work from the past 30 years, both colour and black and white, digital and slide.

I went to the audience with John Davies in Liverpool. I found the night to be really positive and welcoming. I made some excellent contacts. I spoke to Karen Newman who has just been appointed curator of the gallery. I hope to send her a follow-up email after my meeting. I also spoke to john Davies in some depth about his work. The main thing I was interested in finding out was the main drive he had in stepping into the world of Photography. The interesting point about was this was he described his home life and the work of turner as his biggest influence. For me to see his early 1980s work on slide projector was a magic moment

Although he shows spaces that have people in them. I still feel his works contacts with mine and a big influence can be taken from. It was interesting to hear john talking about how he use film and digital side by side. Id say he one of the first traditionalist image makers I have heard say that.

John talked about how sad it that so much public space has been sold off by council to private investors. He commented on the massive development at chavas park which is Liverpool 1 shopping centre. I’m not sure I totally agreed with what he was saying. I see that area although belonging to the people as glorified wasteland



Maybe im missing the point but that’s what opinions are for to differ…


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