Photos With Kixxstart Kitty

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I recently was approached by Zack Storm lead singer of Kixxstart Kitty. They needed some images for group shots of the band. Also for promotional flyers of the band. I’ve worked with Zack before he likes to get involved with the process of locations and ideas this is nice as it builds up a strong relationship. We wanted the images to show strong character, a dark feel and some images in Black & White


5 responses to “Photos With Kixxstart Kitty”

  1. Awesome!! I think you captured the dark feel perfectly 🙂

    1. shadowplayimages Avatar

      Thank you some times the subject is more important than the location 🙂

  2. The black and white, and the toned image works well. Add this to the chosen environments and props create a strong mood e.g the link between the patten on the sheet and the tattoos on the lads. Nice one!

  3. got some of that dark and moody rock n roll feel to the pics.
    i actually saw you doing the flicks of the lads eating chips in o.c.!!
    nice one alun!

    1. shadowplayimages Avatar

      thanks andy. some good location up that way i must check out. i was trying for one infront of statler and waldorf. They where having none of it 🙂

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