Photography Tweet of the day: Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts is the for me the new Genius on the block of british Photography. He works the scale of John Davis yet his pictures have the cunning of Martin Parr. Off the back of his successful Be We English. Roberts landed the job of Documenting the British General  Election. The picture here show Nigel Farage( the M.P who got the banner caught in his plane). Knowing that adds substance for me to the image. Keeping it simple and knocking on people’s doors can be less dangerous than taking on your local estate. However until you that these people will be doing the canvasing for UKIP. You get a feel of desperation for votes and this mp has just accosted a load of people on bench. It also show the modern-day phenomenon of having a flag on a car to show your colors. One other petty the mp’s try to connect to the masses in a kind of footballing fan charade. Check out the selection of 5 images. Roberts will go on to be a global star


One response to “Photography Tweet of the day: Simon Roberts”

  1. Really love Simon Roberts’ work. Would love to see this exhibition. You are going down there aren’t you? (Lucky thing!) His images are so detailed that they need to be seen huge to do them justice.

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