Tamed @ Torre Abbey feat Damian Hurst

While un-culturally walking through the streets of Torquay. The only thought crossing my mind “Where was Faulty Towers Filmed”. I stumbled on a billboard for Tamed @ The Spanish Barn Torre Abbey. I took a second look because it looked like the font the Tate Art Gallery used. On Reading the advert i see that Damian Hurst Formaldehyde cow was on display. I’m new to the art world. I built up my knowledge by treating art pieces/installations like tourist attractions. So far its paid off

However pre the evolving of left side of my brain thinking process. As most of the country new about this cow and the stare it caused on unveiling. I was really excited to go and see it. What a wonderful face space this installation was in the 800 year old barn was a treat in itself.

To be honest i was so excited to see Mother And Child Divided. I can’t really remember the other things on display other Than a sculpture of mountains by Mariele Nuedecker called Stolen Sunsets. The mountains where as I saw it was an attempt to capture of nature . You looked through the glass it was still and peaceful holding it maybe for a moment in time.

The mother cow and Calf was to the back of the room. the first thing that struck me was the radiance of peacefulness. I really felt that you was allowed to walk through the middle of the cows to show opinions. They have and will always be split is it right or wrong is it art etc. I just found it fascinating to stand in the middle o f a cow. I was shocked how little meat you actually get from a cow. I have seen the Body works Exhibition when it was in Manchester. This didn’t affect me at all. A sense of the calf and cow been mid food chain was a little sad


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