A tweet a day: Blackpool 1948

Holidaymakers enjoy the sun on a crowded Blackpool beach in 1948

I found this image on the Guardian website http://www.guardian.co.uk/theobserver/2010/aug/29/big-picture-blackpool-beach-1948# The generalist of the piece could not be bothered naming who took the picture and the link is broken for it. He’s getting a right panning in the reviews of  his article. Any back to the chase…

Britain Blackpool 1948, im thinking that this picture will have been taken off the sides of one of the piers as it obviously high up and at a slight angle. the picture is a total juxtaposition of the Weegee image taken at Coney island in New York 10 years early in 1938(click on the above image to see the Weegee picture) this image captures the prudish nature of Britain at that time. This is hard-working house wife’s breath of fresh air. Dragged by the family from the discomfort of daily life There are very few mature men in the image. This either because its post war or the men will have e been working. To have this number of people on a beach I would guess its a bank holiday.

On first looking the image reminded me of Jackson Pollock work


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