Mary Ellen Mark Interview

I first come across Mary Ellen Marks work in 2008 in paris. Like many of the 1970s photographic glittery she really caught my eye with here work. i find a her work more sutler than the likes of Arbus and Winogrand. In the interview she raises some very good points as to the state of play in photograpy today.

Every photograph is the photographer’s opinion about something. It’s how they feel about something, what they think is horrible, tragic, funny. Is quote from Mark. I think only after time do you get your head around what you are actually doing. I often question my goal direction cause and effect.

I find it interesting that she see photojournalism as being dead. The days of Bill Brandt document the day in the life of police. May know not be required as we have such access to many things like that through good and bad from sources of good and evil depending on your point of or social thinking.

I think film compliments her discipline they go hand in hand with the what you see is what you get from 35mm film. I find it sad some people have never used film or experimented with it. I see it as the foundation of the whole disapline


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