Resuscitation Of Relevance

Wheres theres muck theres brass. Kodak slides collected in a job lot of slide equipment from Ruthin for £2 Via Ebay

Locations: unknown

Year: 1961

Subject: Unknown

“But the effort still to be made is great, and so many years will be spent searching, studying, classifying, before my life is secured, carefully arranged and labeled in a safe place, secure against theft, fire, and nuclear war, from whence it will be possible to take it out and assemble it at any point, and that, being thus assured of never-dying, I may, finally, rest.”
Christian Boltanski

The holiday shot the only Relivance in the Cycle

Two strangers, our connection unknown. Memories of the way people felt in the location. Revlavant to the capturer and the paticipant…

Relevant to set the scene; a boat, people and  um pa. We are travailing the fog of relevance is turns to a mist…

A high street; a brisk breeze whips through the street taking the mist form our dour fear of holiday shots to a level of  relevant intrigue…

Look back we have seen her before!!! On second site we want to see the lady that has emerged from the transparencies. Our relevance is to be revealed…

Are un-interest turns to thirst for information as the syntax of relevance prevails

  • Why is she here
  • Is she rich or is she poor
  • who is chid in welsh traditional dress
  • Is the child lost like knowledge of the images
  • who is taking the pictures

These images may now be third or forth generation the importance  lost. The termination of a seconds time capsule. The blur from the low light image juxtaposed against the history and relevance of the subject

A life line A ladies 1961 holiday saved from damp and deterioration. Her importance to some now many, possibly! Set in stone like her, for ever. A Brief Resurrection Of Relevance?

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