Molinare 4pm 8th March 2010


Everyone headed the warning and arrived early for our first appointment at Molinare. I think myself like the rest of the group was nervous on going into the first company. We met Mike McMahon who was a former student at Glyndwr University several years ago. He was very friendly and went round the group asking what we were interested in. He then introduced us to Mark Foligno the Managing director of the company. He was very relaxed in his approach to our group. Asking us where we were from and our intention of the trip. He was talking to this guy who turned out to be Paul Andrew Williams the Director of London To Brighton. He said, “ As students forget all the rules”. This really put everyone at ease and set the tone for the rest of the visit.

The company deals in Post Prediction the flow of work is the film is finished its then edited goes to the audio team then to the pictures team. This is called grading, which means setting the continuity of the film. The scene we was show was a film called hawk. Which was being filmed in Wales. It had two shots of a mouse and the man looking for the mouse in grass. Both shots were filmed 6 months apart. This gave a totally different lighting. The scene with the mouse is called a pick up as it was filmed after the event off the location. We was also showed

So they split up the picture and the sound. The (rushes) images are then scanned in conformed (in order). Then if any text needs to be added it’s put in after all the process. The film is then. The film is digital film is then scanned back to 35mm film using a northern light scanner which scans at 2k. It is then run through an Arri Laser which creates the master negative.

In the Foley suite they add the sound fx to the film. I found this the best part, as it was so simple. On the floor they had every type of surface you could image. These were used for recording footsteps on there was brick, laminate, wood, soil, metal, concrete and tiles. There was also a big bag of she’s for whatever the screen requires. All the info they need to create a sound is on a screen. They normally have one week to record the sound and one week to fit it to picture.

Once the sound is completed Dolby are called in this cost £5000 whoever the company is in the world. Some of  The films they have worked on are :Hawk, Dammed United, Dead Man Runs, Moon, Everybody’s fine and London To Brighton.


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