Framestore 4pm 8th march 2010



We was met in foyer by this

This was the Oscar they won for the Golden Compass. That’s a impressive way to walk in to a building. We met up with Ben Owen it took us down stairs to show us a show real of what Framestore produced. They have worked on the CGI Harry potter, Avatar, Where the Wild Things Are and Sherlock Holmes. They have also done adverts for Pg tips and L’oreal. They have been in business for 25 years now and have branches in Iceland New York and London. In the future they are are hoping to spread out more into computer games having already worked on Dj Hero. They have worked on music Videos for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Arctic Monkeys.

The parts of the Avatar film they worked on where the opening scene coming off the plane and the scenes in the machinery hanger and when they leave under fire at the end in helicopter.  The films they are working on at the moment are prince of Persia, Your Highness, Salt and Clash of Titans. They had just signed the contract to work on Neil Gamons The Graveyard book.

He was very positive about sending your work to the company and told us about. He told us about the summer internships that were offered. He said even if you don’t have any finished work. So long as you come across as enthusiastic you are in with a chance.

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