Colwyn bay zoo Filming

This was our most challenging filming to date at colwyn bay zoo. There was only three of us on this project. It was raining and we was in the prep room for the animals food in the zoo. Nobody at the had been informed that we where going so we had a sum what frosty response. There two people we was filming Frankie Anston and Stephen Owen. Where really good, if not a little nervous. We filmed some close up of them prepping the food from different angles. We decided to interview them in the same room as we where limited with weather and location. Also their was a lot of people milling about trying to get on with there work so the less disruption the better. We got a couple of close up images of the sea lions and penguins to use as well. The shot of them working was them throwing food into the gorilla enclosure. We got some great footage but whether their work justifies to be used to recommend a working with animals degree is an other question. However im sure they do other things depending on the time of day.



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