Sharp Wrexham



2 dv cameras

2 Lights

2 stands

1 Microphone + wires

The group was working with the Managing director of Sharpe in Llay, Graham Butler. Several times a week has to repeat the same presentation several times. This eats into his schedule rather a lot. The group was asked to film him doing the presentation. Therefore, it could be played beck on DVD to the audience that is present. We went to the presentation sweet to get a feel of the room. The lighting was poor. Therefore, we closed the curtains turned the lights off. From our tungsten, we did get enough, light so we had to put the room ceiling lights back on. The lights were positioned so we had warm tones on the subjects face. In addition, we did not want any shadows on the face. Graham seemed very nervous about the whole thing. As the day went by this would re-acre in my mind with a tinge of humour. We had the cameras set up so camera A would film the main of the presentation. Camera B was to be used to capture any close-ups or cut away. We set the light balance on the camera for the first screen, which was predominantly blue. However, on running through the power point most of the slides were white. Therefore, the camera had to be reset. The biggest problem was the subject kept moving. Hence, we had to remind him every so often.

I enjoyed operating the boom. I found it good to get you to focus on the whole procedure. However once you got the hang of I doubt it will be the most technical aspect of filming. We got him to film a lead-in and lead out for the presentation. We decided to do it again as Graham in his heist felt he had missed parts out. The 2nd run through seemed to go really well with only a few retakes. However just before we finished I noticed that he had said Strasbourg airport rather than Salzburg. Last thing we did was capture the ambiance of the room so if there is any drop shots we do not have dead sound.

After finishing the filming, we were taken on a tour of the factory. I found this rather interesting. I am not sure the rest of the group did. The thing that i found sad was the comment the manager made while walking around on the tour along the lines of “walking round here show why you should stay in university”. I was not shocked by this comment, as I’m well aware of the lack of respect management show to a labour force. I just could not believe he actually had the face to come out with the remark. The factory was a sole destroying environment. In some aspects, I found it a wake call as to where i have come from and how well I am doing…

I found this a massive confidence boost to just be around people who knew what they were doing. I am finding that bar the technical side of things I up to speed with most of the basics of video. It is just a case of finding as style

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